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本文给大家详细介绍hongkongeconomicgrowthsince1997和hongkong international的内容,感兴趣的话记得收藏转发哦。…

本文给大家详细介绍hongkongeconomicgrowthsince1997和hongkong international的内容,感兴趣的话记得收藏转发哦。



Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen:

Bidding for the Olympic Games, in a way, an image-creating undertaking. The first and foremost thing is to let people fall in love with the city at first sight, attracting them by its unipue image. What image does Beijing intend to create for itself once it has the opportunity to host the 2008 Olympics?

It is known to all that the Beijing Municipal Government has already set the theme for the future games: New Beijing, Great Olympics. For me, the 2008 Olympics will be a great green Olympics illuminated with two more special colors, yellow and red.

First, yellow is a meaningful color. The Yellow River is China's Mother River and the descendants of the Yellow Emperor. This color has a special origin and great significance for the Chinese people. Beijing is the capital of New China and previously the capital for nine dynasties in Chinese history. So, yellow will naturally add splendor to the 2008 Games.

Secondly, the 2008 Olympics will be a red pageant.Red is another traditionally cherished color for the whole country. We adore red. On big occasions, we like to decorate our homes in red. It is the color of double happiness, representing joyous moments, auspiciousness, enthusiasm and prosperity. Red is one of the most suitable colors to describe the future of Beijing . Beijing , together with the whole country, is becoming more and more prosperous in the process of modernization. Should the 2008 Olympics be held in Beijing, the whole city will be a sea of red : the red torch,red flags, red flowers, and the radiant faces of millions of joyful people.

Above all, the 2008 Olympics will be a green Olympics. Adding a green ingredient is essential in creating an appealing image, as we can't deny the fact that Beijing, at the moment, is not as green a city as what we like it to be. Striving for an environmentally appealing city has become a central task for all the citizens of Beijing. Big efforts have been made in pollution control, replanting and beautification of the city. According to a project entitled" The Green Olympic Action Plan", between 1998 and 2007, Beijing, we have invested 100 billion RMB in preserving and protecting the environment. Some 12.5 million trees and over 1 million acres of grass will be planted along the Fourth Ring Road. By then, the city's green area will make up 40% of its total. The city will also dredge its reservoirs used as

a water supply to Beijing residents, controlling industrial pollution and moving out the 200 factories presently located within the city proper.

Certainly, all of this is no easy task. But I am sure that all of us have confidence that we will realize these green goals. For now we have the full support and participation of the environmentally conscious citizens. Each

citizen is showing great concern for every one of the steps the city government takes. As the saying goes, United, we stand, and a green Beijing will be achieved.

When our aspiration becomes a reality, it will be a unique Olympics." New Beijing, Great Olympics"; will be weaved of these three superb colors: yellow, red and green.

Let us welcome it and look forward to it! Thank you!

economic growth什么意思

经济增长(economic growth):通常是指在一个较长的时间跨度上,一个国家人均产出(或人均收入)水平的持续增加。较早的文献中是指一个国家或地区在一定时期内的总产出与前期相比实现的增长。总产出通常用国内生产总值(GDP)来衡量。


Ocean was born in Guangzhou City, Guangdong province China,in July,1982。He came from a special family, at the age of three,his parents divorced。His father brought him up。Compare with other children,he did’nt have a happy childhood。Though Ocean liked music and dance very much at a youth age。He could dance what he likes at any moment。

At the age of 14,he made use of his partime dancing in “Taipei ballroom”in Guangzhou,at the same time ,he was only a middle school student。Fortunately,he was discovered by handicraftsman from Hongkong, and he was brought to Shenzhen、Hongkong to evolution,so he became a dancer,since then,he did’nt take money from his family。Because his family is not rich,his father could’nt provide him much help in economic。He made money by himself to find teacher to teach him dance。

He said that someone who has the dream of music must go to Beijing。He brought his “music dream”to Beijing,in 2001。Though at the beginning in Beijing,he lived with a hardship,he have little money to eat better and rent a simple room,he could only rent a basement,he went through the hardest life。

In order to make money,he served as a dancer for singers。It’s a turning point in his life when he met Zhang xue you. Ocean’s appearance is mostly like Zhang xue you’s,so his voice。Zhang xue you is Ocean’s idol,so he often imitates Zhangxueyou. He was invited to serve as performance in Zhang xue you’s vocal concert。Zhang xue you encouraged him and gave him some advide,he said to Ocean that he could have his own style in singing ,not to be imitate him a lot,because it will be baffle him。

Ocean is a talent man,he understood his idol’s meaning。In 2006,he participated in “dream of China” in CCTV。In this competition,he was the only one I supported ,I liked him,because of his endeavor、persistence,at the last time, he was win the second place,it’s a pity to us those who supported him,but he is the champion in our heart forever。

After competition,he signed agreement with “Yinghuang xingyi”,he is famous gradually,his songs are very popular,but he is not proud。He has a goodness heart, in Wenchuan Earthquake,he did a lot of things to concern those people who suffered from the earthquake。

He said his fans are his family ,he was kind ,nice and handsome。We are his fans ,we will support him forever。 呵呵,海鸣威的英文名是Ocean,所以我就用的他的英文名写的,英语水平不高,不过全是自己写的,赶的急了点,有不足的地方请多多包涵啊。







-Dear leaders teachers and schoolmates:

Hello! Today, I am very honored to have the opportunity to stand here, "I see reform and opening speech, the 30th anniversary" with all of you to go to enjoy the great achievements reform and opening-up.

Nowadays, China has turned upside down, and the world media is most international political focus of this year is the rise of China, the independent says China's 2008 will become a superpower, but the current periodicals newsweek in December 22 reports is reviewed the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, summarizes the achievements during the proud!

Say, poverty and hunger to China, and so are the fruits of reform and opening-up, power since the reform and opening in 1978 chief designer of comrade deng xiaoping held in December in the third plenary session of the reform and opening up, China has with route of more than 10% in economic growth, and obtained the high-speed development of now achievements!

After 30 years of reform and opening-up, China from behind the development of modern agriculture society become commercial society, and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, 1978, China road early per capita GDP 379 yuan, only to February 2006 reached $2,000, increased approximately 40 times! Foreign trade volume and 206.4 billion by up to $1.4 trillion. Economies of scale after America and Japan in the third world, three years of reform and opening-up, China comprehensive national strength increasing international status, continuously improve, participate in international cooperation in the international society, the role and effect, and gradually changed completely "combined the passive state without diplomacy". Especially on July 1, 1997, HongKong and 1999, Macao's return on October 22nd, the Chinese nation hundred XiXue disgrace, make this year, and Chinese elated in Taiwan referendum failed (all authors, more people! China's reform and opening up in the maintenance of the nation's territorial integrity and made of solid step! The reform and opening up are created by the strong economic foundation, China's military strength and rapid scientific research in 2003 and 2005 China successfully launched twice, 2007 manned spacecraft launched on first satellite around this year, and plans, the Chinese nation is space walk towards the rejuvenation of the road with pride and stride trip!

演讲稿二改革开放不仅使淮安迅猛发展,祖国的每一块土地都发展迅速,祖国的天,“萧瑟秋风今又是,换了人间”;祖国的地,“红雨随心翻作浪,青山着意化为桥”;祖国的儿女啊,“喜看稻椒千重浪,遍地英雄下夕烟”。30年的励精图治,30年的上下求索,我们的祖国挺立在世界的东方,自立在世界民族之林!社会主义的航船正乘风破浪,昂首向前!祖国母亲啊,是改革开放使您换了新衣,告别了贫穷,是改革开放使您变得美丽、富强、不可侵犯!“我欲因之梦寥廓,芙蓉国里尽朝晖。”我们要向全世界宣告:“中华伟大!我——爱——中——华!”Huai'an reform and opening up not only the rapid development of the motherland every piece of land are developing rapidly, the days of the motherland, "and this bleak autumn wind is changing the world"; to the motherland, "Hong-Yu Lang Fanzuo heart, deliberately into the Castle Peak Bridge "; Sons and daughters of the motherland, ah," Rice Law hi see a thousand waves, over and over, under Xiyan hero. " 30 years of good governance, 30 years down the search, our motherland stand in the east of the world, self-reliance among the nations of the world! The ship of the wind and the waves are a socialist, former head!Mother of the motherland ah, yes reform and opening up new clothes for you to make, bid farewell to poverty, reform and opening up so that you become beautiful, rich and powerful, the inviolability of! "I therefore wish to Liao Kuo Meng, Fu country Zhaohui do." We declare to the world: "China's great! I - love - - China!"



英文翻译“促进经济发展”为Promoting Economic Development。

promote the economic growth和contribute to the economic growth:中文意思是促进经济增长,准确的翻译不是促进经济发展。



(1)常用于促进经济发展的文章开始的过渡词语和句子:To begin with(首先)。

(2)Generally speaking,一般地说,总体上说。

(3)First of all,第一,首先。

例:First of all, many people in remote areas still live in poverty.


(4)With(the deve lopment/ progress/ growth)of (economy/society)...


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