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谁能给一篇介绍Hong kong的英语文章?谢谢。

Hong Kong is one of the two Special Administrative Regions (SAR) in China and is East Asia's most extraordinary city. Situated on thesouthern coast of Guangdong province, Hongkong (in Chinese, Xiang-gang)is made up of four parts of Hong Kong island, Kowloon peninsula, newterritories and Lidao Islands. It covers an area of 1062 square kilosand has a population of 6.8 million, one of the highest populationdensities in the world.


Hong Kong came under British administration as a direct result ofthe Opium Wars in 1842. Then large area Kowloonwas and the NewTerritories was leased to Great Britain. So from 1842 to 1898, theBritish aggressors forcibly occupied the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon andthe New Territories one after another and the Hong Kong region became aBritish colony and was ruled by the British. And on 1 July 1997, Chinaresumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong, thus Hong Kong hasreturned anew to the embrace of the motherland.

Hongkong is separated by a river in the north, neigbouring Shenzhencity, Guangdong Province. To the west, it is separated by the PearlRiver estuary, facing Macau and Zhuhai cities and to the east and southit is overlooking the vast South China Sea. Due to its uniquegeographical position,special charming of the combination of the eastand west cultures and its identity of tax free port, Hong Kong has nowdeveloped into an economic centre in Asia, a tourism city and so calledShopping Heaven. Famous places include Ocean Park, Tian Tan Buddha andShanding Plaza.

The Hong Kong Island (otherwise known as Gang Island) is the mostthriving place of the whole of Hong Kong and is also the seat of theHong Kong Government bodies.It covers an area of 30 square miles. Onboth sides of the streets, there are flourishing commercial towers andshopping centers, offices of the world famous financial bodies,shipping institutions and the headquarters of trade companies, andconsulate of various countries and regions. The topography in thesouthern part of the Hong Kong Island is relatively low. The renownedDeep Water Bay and Repulse Bay are all located here, which are HongKong's mainly tourist area and residential quarters of the first class.Kowloon is one of the centers of industrial and commercial activities.The Victoria Harbour, one of the three natural deep water harbours ofthe world is situated between the Kowloon Peninsula and the Hong KongIsland.

By utilizing the excellent advantages, Hong Kong has graduallydeveloped into one of the world shipping centers.Every year there areseveral million tourists come to Hong Kong for visits and thousands ofhuge ships coming in and out of Hong Kong harbours and everyday thereare hundreds of airplanes taking off and landing in Hong Konginternational airport.

The total population of Hong Kong is over 6.8 million, among which,97.5% are Chinese. And among the aliens, the Philipino constitutes theoverwhelming majority, the Americans, British and Indian and otherscome second. The daily language used among the Hong Kong residents ismainly Cantonese (Guangdong dialect). The official languages being usedare Chinese and English.

Hong Kong belongs to the monsoon climate of the subtropical zone;the annual average temperature is 22.8°C , and the annual rainfall is2214mm (88.5 inches).If you travel to Hong Kong in the summer,temperatures average at 29°C (84°F). Winters in Hong Kong are cool,temperatures get to about 17°C (63°F).There have always been tropicalstorms in Summer and Autumn (mid-September to mid-November) which proveto be the most comfortable seasons of the year. During this time of theyear, several millions of tourists come to Hong Kong for visits andshopping.

During the past several decades, the economy of Hong Kong hasundergone an extremely rapid development and its economic strength isgetting momentum with each passing day, thus forming six great pillarsof industries' trade, finance, manufacture, shipping, real estate andtourism. Big companies and banking corporations of many countriesthroughout the world have come to Hong Kong for trade.

Hong Kong today is a flourishing international metropolis, which iswell run, clean and beautiful. In the commercial towers and shoppingcenters, you will find exquisite merchandise, a feast for the eyes. Itlooks as if international fairs of merchandise from various countriesthroughout the world were held here everyday. Hong Kong'scommunications are highly developed, subway and ground railway,highway, undersea tunnels, motorway interchange, viaduct, ferry,airport and what not radiating in all directions, like a piece of hugenetwork knitting the whole city together.

Hong Kong is a business center as well as a city for tourism. It isknown as a fine place for food, shopping, entertainment and recreation.













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among all the places in china, i want to live in HongKong the most.

first of all, HongKong is well known as the shopping paradise. shopping mall locates in every district. it is very convient to shop around. what's more, the prices sometimes are even cheaper than those in original place.

futhermore, i can enjoy all kinds of delicious food in HongKong. in HongKong, we can find restaurants with different style and food from different countries. even in lanes, we can taste local flavour snacks.

in addition, i have more chances to meet famouse people and starts in HongKong. though HongKong is a district with only several millions people, a lot of them were celebrities.

= =大概就说香港一是购物天堂,购物方便,价格便宜。二是食物,各种口味。三是有机会见到名人。不够字数的话,自己加个假期之类的= =香港放假多- -如此